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The Bathroom Warehouse services Western Australia WA; for all your requirements in a huge range of Bathroom Vanity and Accessories, Toilets, Shower Enclosures, Shower Accessories, Bathtubs, Shower Screens and a whole lot more. The leading and fastest growing national bathroom supplier welcomes the WA towns of Perth, Fremantle, Broome, Rockingham, Mandurah, Joondalup, Karratha and other towns.


The Bathroom - A Haven of Peace

When space is not a problem, the freestanding baths are an obvious choice for folk who like to indulge in the pleasures that are afforded with these beautiful bathroom features.

Most Bathroom Designers love to place these baths in a position so that the become a center piece and create an atmosphere of total relaxation. Even as little as a sink is also included in their considerations.

There are a number of shapes and sizes with the two person style being very popular. Now, how do we fill these bathtubs.? Well there are three distinctive methods. One way is to have a long spout; preferably the swivel variety , and a wall mixer installed on an adjacent wall to regulate the water flow and temperature The second procedure is to use a tall shower screens that are available in a number of styles while the third is what is called the console style.

This consists of a covered frame alongside the bath which has the pipes concealed inside . Water flow is then controlled by the mixer mounted on the console with a spout extending into the bath. The console is usually tiled.

This proves, once again, just how versatile and exciting tapware can be.

Bath and Shower Style in Adelaide

Heated towel rails are very well priced with Skope being a well known brand name. They are also ideal in humid climates as they dry out the towels which otherwise would feel damp. Clear toughened glass shower panels can easily convert an old fashioned tired shower into a modern style. Because they are clear toughened glass, they create a feeling of openess

We are the biggest supplier of bathroom vanities facilities in SA with the following branches:

A typical family bathroom could include cabinets, bathroom vanity, shower cubicle, toilet , mirror/shaving cabinet, tapware and spouts plus accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holder, bathroom sinks and a hand towel ring. A recent trend has been to get rid of the old fashioned sliding showers in a renovation to be replaced by the frameless clear glass style. Constructed of 10mm toughened glass to comply with The Australian Standards, these present an uncluttered image and create a feeling of spaciousness.

The shower cubicles are square, rectangular or corner to fit into an allocated space in the design. There is quite a range of sizes to choose from and the door way can swing left or to the right. They come complete with chrome fittings and two corner glass shelves which are handy for shampoos but also double as extra supports and have special fitting to the glass and walls.

These showers fit straight on to the tiles and very little water escapes through the gap between the glass and the tiles. Of course, people experiment and if they find water in excess escapes perhaps due to the use of a hand held shower, a run of clear silicone can be used to seal the water in. Be advised that, if this procedure is necessary, a good quality non-fungus silicone should be used.

How to channel the run off water away?

The options are to use the conventional chrome floor grate or the lineal stainless grate drainage which is the trendy alternative but also the most effective in draining away the water flow. They come in three width 38mm, 65mm and 100mm.

In most domestic showers, the 65mm width is adequate and the Tiler slopes the tiled floor towards the drainage which is normally positioned in the center of the shower area or down one end. The standard lengths of the lineal drainage are 900mm and 1200mm which can easily be cut down if needed. The Australian manufacturer also offers a custom making service for special lengths. These grates are normally fitted by the Plumber.

Compare Bathroom Cabinets

Have a firm grasp of your wants and needs before starting your bathroom project. Decide whether to repair or replace: repairs are usually more economical but not a long fix, and replacing will extend the warranty life. Usually a new bathroom vanity is the best option.

There is a range of furniture to suit every bathroom with units ranging from 200mm for an open towel rail cabinet to 300mm & 400mm base and wall cabinets to a 600mm & 700mm basin base or WC cabinet. All panels are edged all round and have a rigid construction.

Our Bathroom Vanities in Sydney

Until recently, more attention was given to the living rooms or kitchen in house design, as these traditionally serve a much more social function than the bathroom. In Sydney, the very purpose of the bathroom means that it should be one of the most appealing rooms in your house - being a place to get ready for the day ahead, or to relax in after a stressful one, you can see bathroom Tapware.

If your bathroom cabinets are old and not constructed well, it might make sense to install new ones. Get a free estimate to make sure you have a good handle on the cost, and calculate a fully loaded budget with all material and labor costs including any accessories and hardware that might be required. And don't go at the limit of your budget; unexpected expenses can occur in Perth WA.

Cabinets renovation are made from 18mm melamine faced chipboard with an 8mm solid back, and come in a variety of styles.


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